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I'm a mom of two little boys that are compassionate, kind, and also a little wild. My husband and I were friends for over 7 years before we started dating. I am absolutely in love with Colorado and the mountains, and am 100% a misplaced Texan. I've recently become OBSESSED with the idea of elopements & intimate weddings-- I love that elopements allow the couple to make choices that aren't made out of obligation and make for a day that is truly and completely about them! We are nearly finished renovating a vintage airstream trailer and my dream is to travel the country with my family and photograph amazing and adventurous couples in drop dead gorgeous locations on one of the most memorable day of their lives!

I was always the friend with the camera in her hand, I had a little digital camera and would snap pictures of just about everything. I took a b&w film course in college and learned how to be intentional with composition and picked up some technical skills. I've spent the last three years furthering my education in lighting, posing, and composition by learning from other industry leading photographers through workshops, online courses, and mentorships. This last year has been monumental in my growth. I started out just for fun, shooting friends and family around 2014 and have been growing from a hobby to a business since. My goal is for you to not only love your images but your experience with me! I hope to become your family's lifetime photographer and friend. My absolute favorite thing about this job is watching families grow! From engaged couples, to newly weds, maternity to newborn shoots, and watching little ones grow into amazing kids!!

I am absolutely thrilled that you've considered to have me as your photographer and I cannot wait to get to know you! Check out my blog to see what's new! 

A self-proclaimed mountain mama, with a remodeled Airstream trailer and a love for capturing life's most precious seasons.

meet samantha

I don't always wear jewelry, but when I do, I wear rose gold ;) Also, I am OBSESSED with the look of three bands, maybe a little excessive, but the third one can be super simple, like these!


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I love brightly colored florals that make a statement. I love peonies and buttercups. The smell of roses has always been a favorite!


No. 1

I think llamas and alpacas are the coolest animals and this wedding shoot was a dream come true. I still get all excited when I see images from that day!!

mama llama

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One of my most favorite days was when the lady at Chipotle wrote "his" and "hers" on mine and my husband's burrito!!!


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I don't know where I got this idea, but I got it in my head as a young person that I was going to have my babies at home. I had two amazing birth experiences in the comfort of our home, surrounded by friends and family. If you want to get me excited, ask some questions about home birth!!

homebirth advocate

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I love all plants. I love the energy they provide in the home and the way they can transform any space into a feel good oasis. My favorites are orchids and anything that spills over and hangs off the edges!!

plant lady

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