2018 second a day video

January 3, 2019

A Second a Day

My amazingly creative cousin, michaela, started doing “a second a day” project a few of years ago. i thought it was the coolest thing in the entire world when i first saw it!! so obviously i started doing them as well 🙂

life took over and i (still) haven’t been able to put together my 2017 edition, and somehow have lost my 2016 edition… so standby for those at some point in the future! i’ve spent the last two nights selecting and trimming the videos from the last year down to little clips (it’s way easier if you keep up with it and do it as you go, which i was doing basically until sage was born… ps- please note miles’ HEART BURSTING comments about his brother in his first moments. i was in tears– both in the video and in real life editing it yesterday *insert sobbing emoji*).

feel free to read all of this, or just watch the video! caution: longest run-on sentence ever: we went on TWO trips to colorado, miles got to ski for the first time (on his own feet– i was pregnant with him also, the last time we went skiing!), we had a bunch of monarch butterflies and it was SO amazing to watch that unfold, miles learned “i’m still standing” thanks to the move “sing,” played in the clovers, fed baby goats, cuddled, bought an airstream, sold a car, bought a truck, paid off a car, learned to climb trees, bought a beta fish, played with friends, miles had a gnarly stye, lost beta fish, had a great second home birth, watched miles develop a love for his brother i hoped for but didn’t expect, celebrated an influential woman’s NINETIETH birthday, celebrated miles’ third birthday, swam in the pond nearly every summer day, painted, got a “his & her” chipotle order (y’all don’t even know how happy i was that day, so ridiculous, hahaha), saw more smiles from a baby than i ever imagined possible, had a BLAST at great wolf lodge, potty trained a three year old, celebrated a friend’s wedding at our home (same place we got married!), spent time with family, miles started sleeping in his own (loft!) bed, named our elf “dapap” (miles makes up the silliest names, don’t ask me because i don’t even know), photographed my first wedding, cut down our family christmas tree, went on a lot of dirt road walks, hosted christmas with extended family at our home AND SANTA CAME, had my most successful photography year, stayed up until midnight to watch an INSANE firework show just miles and i, signed up for a business course, can’t wait to see wait 2019 brings!

i’ve heard many people complaining saying how much they hated 2018 and can’t wait for it to be over, but i didn’t have a problem with 2018! how about you? what was your favorite part of 2018? even if you’re one of the people who hated it, there had to be SOMETHING good that happened, i don’t believe an entire year goes by without anything good 🙂 leave a comment below, i’d love to hear from you!!