5 Tips for Planning an Adventure Elopement in Texas Summer

July 26, 2019

5 Tips for Planning an Adventure Elopement in Texas Summer

This guide will help you make some great decisions if you’re thinking about having an outdoor wedding or elopement in the heat of Texas summer.

I recently talked my brother and his girlfriend into hiking at Colorado Bend State Park to do an elopement photoshoot. I don’t know if it was sheer excitement clouding my thinking or if I thought getting away from Houston humidity would change the fact that Texas is just plain HOT in the summer. I’ve lived in Houston my whole life and should totally know better by now. But thankfully we brought a lot of water to stay hydrated. Even though we were all sweating our butts off it was a fun adventure and the pictures turned out great if you ask me! I can’t wait to go back, but next time will plan for just about ANY other time of the year, haha!


This trip got me thinking about some tips and tricks if you’re considering eloping or having an outdoor wedding in Texas!

Specifically in the summer months. So here are a few of my recommendations!

  1. Don’t do it. If it’s at all an option, pick a different season or a different state. I think it’s way too hot in Texas to be having an outdoor elopement, especially an adventurous one. Heat stroke is a real concern y’all! If getting married in the summer is super important to you, maybe consider an alternative more northern location, like Colorado 😉
  2. If you absolutely must get married in the summer and in Texas… Consider a sunrise hike! I met with a couple for a early morning hike, we got there before the sun came up (hiking in the dark is so so cool, such a different experience—don’t forget your headlamps!) and the heat was much more manageable. We didn’t start sweating until the end of the session, as opposed to dripping in it the entire session!
  3. Pick a location that has water you can take a dip in and cool off! There are several locations in Texas that have cool rivers or lakes you could take a break and cool off in. This feature was such a saving grace with the day hike I went on with my brother and Diane. Colorado Bend State Park has a waterfall we’d hiked to, and at the bottom, that water was so refreshing.
  4. Pack a tumbler or thermos with ice water and invest in a cooling towel you can soak up some ice water with. Placing those on your neck and head can make such a big difference!
  5. Skip the suit jacket (or heavy/layered dress). I think it’s easy to get stuck in the mindset of your wedding looking a certain way. But you can wear short sleeve button up with suspenders and a tie (or bow tie, if you like bow ties, please wear a bow tie) and look just as good and not risk suffering from a heat stroke! Or, if you’re wearing a dress, find one that his lace or a more breathable fabric and less layers.

There you have it folks! Just a few tips to help you beat the heat on your wedding day. I think the most important tip of all, is to consider a different season or location. Texas summers are no joke. Heat related deaths kill hundreds every year and are 100% preventable. Be sure to know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke if you’re venturing out in the summer months!


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