A Birthday Celebration

January 15, 2019

live at anderson fair: will evans!

my mom is turning sixty next week and she put together an amazing party for herself! it was a two day event, friday and saturday. a few months ago she went to a concert with a few friends to see a musician one of them recommended, trevor hall. my mom (and several others) were BLOWN AWAY by the opener, WILL EVANS. so, needless to say, we’ve been watching all of his youtube videos and can’t seem to get enough. mom contacted his agent to see about the possibilities of having him perform here for us. we joked about recording snips of us belting away random lyrics, to show him what life has sounded like in our home since being introduced to his music.

mom put together a TWO DAY birthday event! we had an intimate show at our home on friday. friends and family arrived thursday and friday, i just get SO excited when people start coming down our driveway. when the house is full so is my heart, literally. i love my people. saw a lot of folks i haven’t seen in a while. will (on a first name basis with him, no big deal) came early on friday and stayed in mom’s tiny house, maggie. he set up in the corner of our living room and sang some amazing songs– his lyrics, vocals, and looping skills are truly amazing. below is a random video i took (not planning to share so sorry for the random start/end to it!) during the house show!

The second show took place at anderson fair, in montrose, with a larger group of friends. equally amazing. you’ll see in one of the pictures my uncle and cousins had like three phones going, recording him, which i thought was funny! i looked over a few times to see a couple of cousins and friends smiling so big and just in absolute awe. AMAZING PERFORMANCE WILL!

want to know how cool my mom is…. she’s in a BAND. they performed before will both days, i love watching her perform. so amazing to get to watch her growth first hand. she’s done a lot of changing in the last 15 years, for the better if you ask me 🙂 her confidence is inspiring, her wisdom is pure and kind, and her heart is oh so big! i love you mom! happy birthday!!

p.s. when i have will evan’s songs on, miles asks “is this the song that will was singing?” and “turn it a widdle boot wouder,” and “is this the song he says mee-ee-ee?” (a lyric from “adam & eve:” love who you wanna love, it don’t matter to me-ee-ee-ee yeah. i sing it a little more exaggerated than the original vocals and miles thinks it’s so funny!).

leave a comment below with your favorite will evans song!!!

a few of my favorites:

to be human


adam & eve (miles’)

hey ya (cover)

you can check out his website and youtube channel! stream his music, buy his CD, share and spread the love!

what are some of yours??? leave a comment below!