Airstream Renovation Progress!

February 4, 2020

Airstream blog post | dad holding baby in carrier checking the ceiling inside airstream renovation project

Airstream Renovation Progress

The last 6 months…

I realize I haven’t shared much about the progress on Luna the Airstream renovation… I have on instagram, but no on blogs like I’d initially intended to! So, even though she’s just about done, and we’re going to pick her up at the end of the month (eeeeepppp!!!)! Here’s a run down of what’s happened since my last post when we went to check on her back in the September.

I want to preface this, I don’t want this post to seem like I’m talking trash about the folks working so hard (and skillfully) to get our trailer fixed… I think it’s just the nature of the beast & of the business. So many moving pieces, personalization, and skilled craftsmanship that takes time. We just hadn’t anticipated it, so that was hard/disappointing to keep readjusting our expectations and excitement. A part of the reason this whole thing has taken longer than expected is because of how uniquely custom everything is. It’s kind of insane… and also exciting 🙂

Airstream renovation blog | vintage airstream trailer restoration progress. closeup of front "airstream" logo with trailer lights

After our trip to check on progress and really see things in person and talk to the guys up there, things started to slow down, unfortunately. We had some issues come up with the initial budget, again, and we were at a standstill for a little while. After at least a month, maybe two, of back & forth, negotiations, and cutting back on the completion work, we finally came to an agreement and progress started back up! Whoo. In all honesty, that was super stressful and frustrating.

We were so glad to be back on track and seeing progress happen through pictures and videos. The folks at Moon Trailers (NuAbode) hoped to have her completed by the end of November. Which got pushed back. Then it was Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years… so it felt like things slowed down some, as it does when the holidays hit. We were sad not to have her back by the holidays as that was something we’d looked forward to.

Seeing progress

We’ve been getting amazing videos with the progress every week and that’s been so exciting. Something to look forward to and getting the videos help us see it, since we’re not there. I think Daniel and I are both having a hard time with that, haha. It being so far away and not being able to see it in real life to see progress and answer questions as they come up.

The most recent video was super exciting because they had the flooring installed and it’s looking very close to complete!! So, nowwwww we have a pretty firm due date and are making plans to go pick her up at the end of February!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING Y’ALL!! We picked out cabinet knobs and are figuring out our bedding situation (again, with the uniquely custom).


What’s next?

My cousin told me about a week ago that she’s planning a road-trip to Yosemite in the next month or two… to which my response was “Are you trying to find yourself, or could we come lol??” So we’re talking about doing that in early spring, making some of it a joint trip and some of it time for herself… If you haven’t heard me say it yet, I’m all about getting your cake and eat it too y’all!!

Annnnnd so now I’m basically dying inside with excitement!!!! But also minor terror because I am not skilled in pulling trailers like my husband is. So there’s going to be a crash course in that the coming weeks. Except, without the “crash” is there another term for that???

Can’t wait to share our first trip & updates when we have her back in the lonestar state!


xoxo  -sam


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