Bellville Wedding

November 2, 2018

A Beautiful Fall Wedding in Bellville, Texas

collaged photo of fall wedding details and bride and groom, dress, florals, rings, bridesmaid dresses | burgundy red

Weddings have always intimidated me. i did a couple and wasn’t pleased with the results and didn’t feel right charging for them, and therefore didn’t want to photograph them. i recently found this amazing photographer who offers a lot educational courses for photographers! i have completed a few of her courses and spent hours on her site, borderline stalker material over here, haha!! but i’m learning so much and feeling more comfortable shooting in general AND i found a fellow photographer (her name is samantha too!! can you say match made in heaven??) who let me come second shoot this wedding with her and i’m so glad! this venue was close to home and beautiful! it reminded me of austin, hills, who knew we had hills around here… definitely not me!

this wedding was so beautiful. the day, the bridesmaid dresses, the bride, the colors, florals, the venue, the rings- i know it’s usually all about the bride’s engagement ring, but is that not the coolest groom’s wedding band? i love the colors! it looks like wood?? so. cool. i loved how the bride personalized the bridesmaid’s hangers with their names, they all had the matching floral robes i wished i’d had at my wedding! i enjoyed the guy’s commentary throughout the bridal party pictures, so funny. the first dance almost brought tears to my eyes, that song gets me ever time! the bride and her mom did a special dance as well, how cool.

here’s to a new chapter in my life and business and to teale & josh, congratulations you two! thank you for letting me be part of your day <3