Christmas in Brookshire

December 20, 2018

Dingaub Christmas

Christmas has been my favorite time of year for as long as i can remember. when i was younger i loved getting down the boxes of christmas decorations from the attic, the smell of pine that filled the living room, the sound of christmas carols and my dad’s random outbursts when his favorite part would come on (in case you were wondering where i get it from), and warm hot chocolate touching my nose. our christmas decorations were always exciting to me, because they were “old friends” as i called them. we didn’t put ornaments like most people. my mom let me pick out a bunch of stuffed animals one year that were meant to go in the claw machine at the bar she owned. i loved taking each one out of the box every year remembering them from previous years. our tree was always so colorful because of all the different animals. we’d hang tinsel and colorful flashing lights. when i was a teenager i’d put the strings out on the house by myself (or with the help of my friend), because my parents didn’t really care about going through the trouble anymore, but i still loved it!

when i got older and started decorating my tree on my own, i could never figure out the “coordinated” look, i love them, don’t get me wrong, i just couldn’t figure out how to accomplish that look for some reason. i love going to the tree farm and picking out the perfect tree to cut down and bring home. ever since miles was born we’ve made it a tradition that i hope to continue! we pick out our tree and then do a time-lapse video of us decorating it, it’s so fun! i’ll post those videos below if you want to check them out!! i love the mismatched colors, and ornaments that have stories behind them. this year, miles found my box of beanie babies up in the attic…. we’d never put beanie babies on our tree before, they are just saved in the attic from when i was younger and collected them (who else did this, i know i’m not the only one… ONE DAY THEY WILL BE WORTH SOMETHING!? lol). miles has been playing in the box with all his friends all month, eventually we’ll put them back up, and maybe start putting them on our trees, there are a few that have found a home there already, they’re just kind of heavy, haha!

that’s all i’ve got for tonight! i hope eveyone has a wonderful holiday season surrounded by loved ones and traditions that hold a special place in your hearts!

ps- for those of you wondering what the heck a “dingaub” is… when we got married i didn’t want to change my name (for various reasons that i won’t get into), so we talked about changing both of our names for a minute, but we didn’t like the combinations we came up with. dingaub made us both laugh and somehow it stuck as our unofficial family name, haha!



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