Elope in Georgia + Airstream Progress

November 5, 2019

Sarah + David

Elope in Georgia | Alternative outdoor wedding ideas | Forest Wedding in Georgia. Couple sharing their first dance after eloping. Bride wearing blush lace dress and groom wearing grey shirt.

Georgia Elopement in the Blue Ridge Mountains


Daniel & I went to check on our Airstream in Georgia…

So, naturally, I had to meet up with a fellow Georgia photographer to exchange adventure elopement photos 🙂

Yes, this is a thing I do just about any chance I get. Yes, this is also a thing I’m pretty sure my husband hates. Although, he did say he could get behind doing photo shoots like this with me more often (compared to the family sessions I’ve dragged him to), so that’s great!

Daniel rented this ADORABLE Airbnb Airstream trailer that was converted into like, a full guest house. A portion of the trailer was cut out and they build a large kitchen and bathroom permanently around the Airstream. It was so awesome, such a neat idea! We spent the first night of our trip doing “whatever we wanted” since the kids were at home with grandma, and noticing how amazing it was to be free to do just that. We went to get a few groceries and dinner, then decided to go see a movie too, talk about spontaneity!

Exploration for the “eloping in Georgia” photoshoot

The next day we drove around in the Jeep Dan surprised me with on a few 4×4 roads, now that was fun! We’ve never done that before, so dang fun! We explored some trails and went to where we were going to meet Sarah & David along the Appalachian Trail

I met Sarah in an adventure photographer Facebook group we’re both in. I was so excited to find someone available on Labor Day Monday! We met in the mountains and hiked up about a mile looking for a good spot. Talking the whole way up about random things, family, school (Sarah & I were both homeschooled!), career goals, and especially photography… as we’re both seeking to be adventurous session/elopement photographers and are in love with Maddie Mae 🙂 ha!

There were so many trees that the mountain views were mostly obstructed, I was pretty disappointed in that. However, there was one little clearing we were able to get some sunset shots with the beautiful rolling Blue Ridge Mountain range in the background! We spent a lot of time in the forest shooting as well, even though I had my heart set on mountain views. Most of my favorites are from the forest and especially the tree! This tree is so cool! I love how it looks like some sort of mystical creature carefully cradling whoever climbs into its arms. This could be a really diverse location option to elope in Georgia! Would just have to find a second spot for some mountain views, if that’s your thing 🙂

We walked back in the dark and said our goodbyes.

Luna the Airstream progress

Daniel and I made it home around midnight, were so wiped out from the day and passed out until 9am the next morning. We drove to Canton, GA to check on the progress of our trailer! I’m so excited to have her finishing up soon. They’d made progress on a lot of the woodworkings (bedroom, kitchen cabinets, & dinette). Was good to be there in person to talk to them about our plans for it, especially as they were finalizing the electric & plumbing before the walls go up. Got a few things clarified and I was in awe watching Daniel talk to them about everything, it amazes me what all he knows just enough about.

I ALSO, go to meet the inspiration of our Airstream, Sheena who has Mavis the Airstream…. Eeeeeeep, I was so excited. I think I played it cool though 😉  We talked about our shared love for Colorado and getting out of the state we’re in. I didn’t get a picture, so I hope you believe me, hahaha 😉

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sarah + david

Luna the airstream

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