Hill Country Texas Wedding

June 11, 2019

Kristin + Raul

portait of bride & groom outdoors next to lake, beneath is a collage of photos with details from the day

Hill Country Texas Summer Wedding Photographer

I met Kristin through her sister, Stacie, who is a friend of mine and my mom’s. Stacie’s husband had contacted me asking if I could share some tips on wedding photography. The more I heard about them and their plans for a Hill Country wedding the more excited I got about taking their photos. I imagined how fun it would be to head out the Texas Hill Country and be a part of this wonderful day!

Their venue was at Chinquapin Ranch, an AMAZING property nestled up in the hills of Ingram, Texas (just outside of Kerrville). Funny story, I somehow got it in my head that it was in Austin and the night before realized, no, it’s a little farther, haha. But I made it work and enjoyed the drive up, listening to educational podcasts always makes time fly. Anytime I get to be in some sort of elevation my chest relaxes and I feel my heart swell. But the ranch is at least 50 acres, probably more. It has a large gathering house with a huge kitchen and dining/living area. There are SIX separate houses with several rooms in a couple of them!! They build a natural lime-stone swimming pool that literally looks like it’s a part of some bigger river flowing through the property. It has a small waterfall feature, canoes, and a rope swing. SO. COOL!

I had every intention of staying the night and playing the next day. But I forgot my breast pump and it was not going to be good if I stayed (I hope that’s not TMI). The FOMO is real. But it seriously seemed like the perfect place for a extended family gathering or an intimate wedding! Kristin said her and Raul were looking for venues and she knew better than to come see it. But they did anyway and (obviously) fell in love with the property!

Kristin and Raul are so chill and down to earth. They wanted a small intimate wedding with only close family and friends with minimal stress and minimal posed pictures… and were totally on board with the few ideas I had, which was awesome! I loved how calm things seemed. Most wedding days are high stress and high energy, but for the most part their day was very calm. They delegated a lot to make the day look how they wanted.

She had one friend that did her hair and another that did her makeup. They were nervous about their work being up to a “wedding standard”. Kristin was thrilled with their results and each of them sighed with relief. One said “I think it’s hard when it’s your friend and you want everything to be just perfect”. I can’t imagine being put in charge of anyone’s hair or makeup on a regular day, let alone on their wedding day. I was so impressed with the job they’d done. Especially since they’d learned on youtube how to do her hair!! I seriously can’t believe that.

As they do, things were running a little behind, but I didn’t feel any tension in the room from it. Kristin was so calm (at least from the outside!!). It was kind of amazing. I loved watching her with her daughter Abby, she was so calm and respectful in the words she chose when talking to Abby. I love hearing respectful exchanges between parents and children. When they become upset about “silly” things, or when they want to do something they can’t at the moment.

Their daughter Abby was running around so much I hardly saw her, she reminded me so much of Miles on our wedding day. He was so distracted by all the family and friends and being outdoors that we hardly saw him and he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the picture part, ha! Kristin got her dress on and Abby wanted to get her dress on to be just like mommy. She put her own shoes on and twirled around the room. I may or may not have cried a little.

Their ceremony was short and sweet. Stacie officiated and spoke wise words about new age marriage, about not “belonging” to one another and allowing each other to be free and be who they’re mean to be, who they want to be. Family members were given the space to stand and share wise words and meaningful quotes. Her mother’s words were short and tearful, true joys from a mother witnessing the the happiness of her daughter. I may or may not have cried, again. Raul & Kristin shared vows they’d written, Raul wrote a poem that made everyone laugh and I got some insight to his personality. They shared a passionate kiss and I watched them walk away as wife & husband with huge smiles and teary eyes.

We postponed their bride & groom portraits until the sun went down a bit so it would cool off some and then had dinner. Hors d’oeuvres were served, ceviche, skewers, and get this…. watermelon discs with GOAT CHEESE and fresh chopped mint sprinkled on top. WHAT? IT WAS DELICIOUS! Who comes up with thissssss? I’m determined to try and make it at home and try not to eat an entire watermelon worth of those things. As you can imagine, dinner was a disappointment… NOT, I don’t think I’ve eaten anything more delicious in my life. HIGHLY recommend them. GAH. Toasts followed and then dancing. Raul is quiet the ham and I loved watching the way his daughter looked at him. She thought he was funny too and I was surprised she didn’t seem embarrassed, as I think most teenage girls would have been, haha!

Thank you so much for having me come capture and be a part of this fun filled day. I hope you enjoy reliving your day through this blog post with a few of my favorites! Drop a comment with your favorite wedding day memory (yours or one you attended)!


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