Houston Post Proposal Engagement Party

August 27, 2019

Leah + Robbie ENGAGED!!

First of all, this happened at least a month ago and I can’t believe I’m barely blogging it now. I went back and forth on it and decided I would a few weeks ago and life has been kinda crazy. Anywho!!

My good friend Michelle helped organize a surprise post-proposal party for her friend who was getting engaged (and she didn’t know it, yet). I have never heard of this! But such a fun idea. I was a little confused when I got there, and started to panic thinking maybe I was supposed to be somewhere else to capture the proposal?!? But no, I was in the right place. Phew! I helped Leah’s good friend, Kelsey, finish decorating and got to meet a few of their friends and family before they arrived. Everyone was so nice and the room was buzzing with excited anticipation to hear if the proposal had happened yet? Are they on their way yet? When will they be here? Are they coming??? ARE THEY COMING? Haha it was quite exciting!!

Leah & Robbie came in and everyone was all excited, some ducked, some ran to the corner so they wouldn’t see us and give away the surprise. Leah didn’t seem to have a clue it was happening and that was a miracle if you ask me. To invite so many friends and family to a proposal party… and no one spill the beans?! Wow! That’s amazing. I still can’t believe it.

We went outside and talked for a bit and got some pictures of the newly engaged couple, que allllll the heart eyes!! I was so impressed that Leah DESIGNED her ring!!! So gorgeous. I am still kicking myself for, with all the excitement, forgetting to take close-ups of the ring alone. Anyway, here’s a few from the day!!

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