Houston Proposal Photographer At Waugh Bridge Bat Colony

July 15, 2019

Kartia + Steven ENGAGED!

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Houston Proposal Photographer At Waugh Bridge Bat Colony

A Houston Proposal Story: Steven contacted me earlier in the week with his amazingly exciting plans to propose to his girlfriend and have me photograph this special moment in their lives. WOW! What an honor, am I right? The plan was to get her to Waugh Bridge in Houston so that they could watch the bat colony┬áfly out, something she’s been wanting to do for like 3 years. I told Steven I was excited because I’ve always wanted to see them too, this kept getting better and better!

I met with Steven at the bridge after work and we discussed his proposal plan and scouted out a few different location/scenarios. He had decided on this area of large oaks intertwined and super romantic and poetic, although he wished we could get the downtown skyline in the background. I thought it’d photograph beautifully and would also be a great place to watch the bats come out! We left the park and he called me a little ways away and asked what I thought about the fountain that was down the street. I circled back and came to check out the dandelion fountain with him as a commercial real estate guy he loved having buildings in the background. I love fountains and the angle of this one with the sunset would so be beautiful!

After landing on a plan, Steven left to pick up an unknowing Kartia and have Friday dinner with her. I grabbed a bite at the always delicious Velvet Taco (I’m obsessed with the elote and tots). Steven’s friend Devonte called me and was going to give me the box to set on the edge of the fountain for them to come upon on their way to the bat bridge and investigate. I sat on the bench and was waiting for Steven to text me when they were close so I could set the box there. (I didn’t want anyone to investigate the box before they got there, haha, could make for an awkward situation). When I saw them walking up and my heart RACED, oh my, I thought FOR. SURE. Kartia was going to see me running over there and putting this gigantic white box on the fountain… tried to be as cool as could be, placed the box, walked over to the steps so that I could start RUNNING behind the trees and circle back and get in position to capture the moment I was there for!

I made it!

Not only did Kartia not see me, she didn’t see the box either, haha, when I got to the other side my hands were shaking so bad, eeeeep! Just in time to be able to capture Steven talking her into checking out this random box (hahaha!) when she wanted to make sure they made it in time for the bats, the box held a ring pop and when she turned around Steven was on one knee. Make sure you check out the second pictures below where she’s literally jumping in heels, haha! Kartia was so surprised to see me (she’s my sister-in-laws “little” from college and knows me and my boys pretty well via instagram). I don’t know how but my smile got even bigger when she noticed it was me and said “SAM!!!” She’s so joyous and her smile is big and genuine, I was so glad to meet her in person.

These two have been together for 6 years!! They are such a fun couple. Steven is such a jokester and Kartia’s laugh is so infectious. We spent a little while afterwards taking some pictures of just the two of them. Kartia was so excited, jumping, talking excitedly, and I don’t think she stopped smiling the whole night… But I kind of got the feeling that’s her everyday personality ­čÖé So much joy! We even made it over to the bats after portraits. I’m so excited to have gotten to spend this beautiful Summer evening with Steven and Kartia!!

This post is so much longer than I originally intended it to be, but… I just love proposals. I love hearing proposal stories, I love witnessing them, abut mostly I love photographing them ­čÖé So thank you to Steven & Kartia for letting me capture this special moment for you and I cant wait to see what life has in store for the two of y’all, lots of joy I’m sure!



Learn more about the Waugh Bridge bat colony┬áHERE.┬áDefinitely a fun and easy evening thing to do if you’re in the Houston area!! I can’t believe I’ve lived here my whole life and haven’t seen it!


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