Introducing… The Schaub Photography Family

March 27, 2019

If you received my newsletter you may have read that I’m a part of a business journey educational course that started up the beginning of this year. We’re only on the second month and I’ve already learned so much, I’m very excited about all the changes coming– just trying not to get overwhelmed, ha!

So, until recently I’ve known there was a next step that I couldn’t quiet put a name to… the way I’ve dealt with clients never felt very “business-like” to me– most of the time after a session, I walk away feeling like I just made new friends, and my hope was always that my clients felt this way too! Something amazing was happening in my business because of this that I was unaware of. So now I know what I want to do with this sense of friendship, I want my clients to have an amazing experience with me, I want them to thrive and I want them to feel like they are truly a part of something special!!So I am excited to introduce you the exclusive #spfamily facebook community! The purpose of this group is to have a place for all my past families to share experiences, maybe help each other out with coordinating outfits for shoots, sharing awesome locations, etc.

But it doesn’t have to be all photography related, I’d like to also have a place for us all to connect. I think most of y’all are moms (or moms to be!) and let’s face it, parenting is HARD. I think it’s important to have a community and a tribe as just a person going through any season of life, I think it’s especially important for parents. As a stay at home mom myself, I know how isolating it can be at times. I am always looking for places to take my little ones, suggestions for places to eat that are kid friendly, and maybe some other great resources you’ve come along as a parent that would be beneficial to share, maybe you have questions that you want to ask fellow moms.

I also want a secret place to get in contact with y’all quickly and easily!! Another exciting thing about this group, is I’m going to start hosting community events, eek! Currently this is just in the idea phase, but I do plan on having something this summer!

So you’re in, let’s do this thing! If you’ve had a session with me, please go request to be a part of this community HERE! I’m excited to connect with everyone there!


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See you there!