Newman’s Castle Bellville Engagement Session

March 18, 2019

Kari + Loic | Engaged

couple engagement session at newman's castle in bellville texas | man wearing navy suit and woman wearing a-line red and purple floral dress


so this wasn’t actually an engagement session, these two are already married! they got married at our family home last october! i was able to sneak in a few shots on their wedding day, i was so glad because they looked so amazing– they’ve become some of my all time favorites!! i had mentioned to them taking pictures at this castle i’d heard of in bellville, as engagement sessions before their wedding. but they were in the thick of planning a wedding and a hefty school schedule so we couldn’t make actual engagement pictures at the castle work, so we did “6 month anniversary” pictures… is that a thing? we decided on the ride home that it definitely did.

i worked with karri in the ICU at gulf coast veterinary specialist animal hospital. loic worked there also, but in a different department so i didn’t get to know him as well. but i’ve always loved karri, her compassion and kindness towards animals and the people she cares about was so obvious. she goes above and beyond for her friends and at work, she’s one of the most consistently hard-working person i’ve met. she’s very welcoming and open-minded to new ideas. and did i say smart? holy cow, i feel like this girl memorizes everything she’s ever learned, it’s impressive! loic, i wish i could rave about you in the same way, starting to feel bad that i don’t have much to say about you besides that if you belong to karri, you must be pretty impressive yourself 😉

i had such a fun time at this castle that’s super close!! who knew there was a castle in bellville, texas!! it’s a man’s home, he owns a bakery and he wanted to live like a king, so he built a castle as his home! how awesome is that??? he lives in this castle y’all! but, we basically had the place to ourselves that evening, as normally tours are done in the evening. exploring a castle is super exciting and awesome, and a little bit creepy (even though there’s no history/chance of ghosts, it was so realistic my imagination got the better of me as chill ran down my spine)… to say it was an adventure would be an understatement!! we LOVED the owner’s dog,  thank you for being down to do it and making the time in your busy schedules. enjoy looking through a few of my favorites!!!

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