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May 29, 2019

So I Have This CRAZY Dream….

I have this CRAZY dream that I’m so stinking excited about!! But, like, also not trying to get my hopes up, but at the same time it seems like such an AMAZING idea. Like most dreams, I’m not sure how or if it’s going to work out. But I’m going to start putting my energy and attention as if it is happening! My mom has always talked about “where focus goes, energy flows” maybe someone else said it first, but she’s who I heard it from, so she gets the credit as far as I’m concerned. So here we go!!

Daniel and I were talking about our airstream and discussing the floor plan (which we have figured out one I think is going to work well for our little family, yay!!) one evening. So, later that night, I was reading about destination photographers and all the cool places/landscapes they get to photograph in, I’ve never thought of Texas (or Houston at least) as very beautiful… But I’m not the biggest fan of flying, so I just mentally scrapped that idea. But then I thought of traveling with our airstream and the idea just snowballed in my head!

I got so excited I couldn’t sleep, I searched online to see if there are any other photographers that travel in airstreams photographing weddings/families, didn’t find much. I searched for #nomadicweddingphotographer, never been used…. Y’all. I’m not sure if those are all good signs or bad… But I’ve decided it’s a grand idea and I’m going to be one of the first! This is so exciting, and scary!!

I haven’t figured out logistics of it all. But I’ve got the first couple of steps figured out in my head. I’ve never been a big planner, I love to have a general idea and just go with the flow and see where life takes me, figure out the steps as I go. My husband is the complete opposite, he’s got it all figured out beforehand, haha. It’s funny (and let’s be honest, sometimes frustrating) to have different styles of planning, especially when we are traveling… or let’s say, figuring out what we want our lives to look like, and then figuring out how to get there!!

Our estimated time of completion with the airstream is late fall/early winter. I’m thinking we’ll be good to go by 2020, for sure. I talked to Daniel about doing a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY GIVEAWAY, for one lucky couple who lives out of the state of Texas and that being our first destination in the trailer and for the #nomadicweddingphotographer!! For the first destination wedding I’m going to try and keep it close-ish to home, so definitely somewhere in the Southern US….. or Colorado, because we all know I’d never turn down a reason to go to Colorado.

I’d love to eventually travel with the trailer and shoot in all the states in United States, except Hawaii for obvious reasons… But I’d totally be down to fly to Hawaii! I’ll also have to do some research about driving to Alaska, is that even possible? I know Alaska sure is beautiful!!

Another addition the to story that’s more recent, is my discover of elopements and intimate weddings. I absolutely LOVE this idea for a multitude of reasons, but the main ones being that it hits home on 2 main reasons I got super excited about the nomadic wedding photographer idea and then solves my moral dilemma about big weddings: being a part of a couple’s love and life story in a memorable and important way, being minimal with resources and is financially reasonable, and of course traveling!!

I think a lot of people fall into what a wedding “should be” and there’s a lot of expectations and preconceived notions put on newly engaged couples about their BIG DAY and what it should look like and who should get to be there. I know I did. I don’t think it’s bad to have a big wedding, at all. I do think not giving any thought to other options and just going with the flow is a common and often stress inducing way to plan such a memorable day! We gave some thought to it, I would have been happy with a court house wedding but Daniel really wanted to “do it big.” So we planned a big semi-traditional wedding. IF ONLY DANIEL AND I HAD KNOWN ABOUT ELOPEMENTS! I do hope to have an anniversary session in the mountains or somewhere with epic views. And yes go hiking in my wedding dress!!! How cool??? Am I crazy?

One of my first thoughts when thinking back to our wedding day is how much work it was and it only lasted like 6 hours. YEARS of planning, thousands of dollars, for a 6 hour event. What?!?! Obviously we had fun and it was a memorable day filled with joy and laughter… but I know so many couples came out the other end of a big wedding day saying “I wouldn’t do it like that again” or “I’d save the money and travel” or “I’m so glad that’s over with.”

I’m excited to share this and find the perfect couple to share this dream and be a part of each other’s stories! I love that you’re following along this journey with me and also, if you know someone feel free to share this post and send them my way! I will be forever grateful!!

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this grand idea of mine!! What do you think about eloping?? It’s not what it used to be folks, see HERE!

Contact me HERE if you’d consider eloping in Texas or to inquire about being THE FIRST Nomadic Wedding Photographer couple!!!


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