Personalized Cross Stitch Families

April 18, 2019

DIY Cross Stitch Families

Something I enjoy doing in my excessive amounts of free time (only kidding, haha!), is making personalized cross-stitch families. I found out about cross stitching on, can you guess? Yes, one of my pinterest adventures several years ago. I was looking for something unique and fun to give as a gift to my sister and brother in-law when they got married a couple of years ago and saw these cute personalized wedding portraits! I thought… I can totally do this! So, as I slipped further into the pinterest world, I ran across this book that teaches you how to begin and gives ideas on how you can personalize cross stitch people… and they even had cats and dogs!! Which was perfect because Stephen and Danielle are obsessed with their cat, Noah! So I of course added him into their wedding portrait.

I think they are so cute!! And it’s so awesome how fun it is to personalize things and I think they can actually start to look like the person!! Haha, maybe I’m weird, but I love it. I’ve made a few since that first one and I think have gotten better, I found a new technique for making hair, so it looks even more like them! Eek! Check out some of my projects below! Such a fun and unique gift for so many occasions! Including wedding, baby announcements (what we did! see unamused Miles with our pregnancy announcement), Christmas gifts, birthday, or just because!!

(Who knows, you could get a surprise gift from your favorite wedding photographer!!)