Ruby Luna- The Airstream

February 6, 2019

family purchasing a vintage airstream to renovate

The Dream of a Renovated Airstream

it’s coming up on a year since we bought luna….

backstory: my mom just finished her tiny house and i ran across (on pinterest, obviously) a woman who renovated an airstream (named mavis) with her husband, totally DIY, and it is so awesome, i fell IN LOVE. i found a bunch of other people who had renovated old airstreams and i began searching for an old one for sale. i ran across one that had been completely gutted, a man on facebook was selling it. it seemed really cheap compared to a lot of the other ones i ran across, and it was local!! i kept looking and half forgot about it for a few months. when i went searching again it was still available, so dan and i talked about it and went to meet up with the man near pasadena. it was completely gutted, no sub floor, no much of anything. ah! it was going to be A LOT of work. on the other hand it was less work because we wouldn’t have to do the gutting process, it was already done for us! so we went home and slept on it, later the next week we decided we wanted to go ahead with the project, contacted the owner again and met up to bring luna home!!!

luna in brookshire: we brought her home and backed her into our garage, where she sat for a few weeks. we were all so excited but didn’t have a lot of time. we finally made it a priority and drilled out all the rivets that held the walls together, took out the insulation, the old wiring, and cleaned the glued on insulation off the walls. then she sat for a few months. sage was born and although he was a super content and “easy” baby, it made it difficult to work on it together. we found someone else to help with some welding and replacing the subfloor since we don’t have supplies for that. that took a few months and back home she came, we were so excited! but again she sat, and has continued to sit… since the early fall.

current plan of action: daniel and i have decided! we don’t have the time to do all the intensive research on how to do these things ourselves, do them ourselves, and also raise two young children while trying to work all at the same time. so instead of letting her sit for years, we’ve talked with the folks over at moon trailers and will be taking luna to georgia mid february!!! why georgia? well, there aren’t really any places in texas that specialize in airstream renovations. which after some research and disappointments from the place we did take luna for the frame work, we found it’s super important to find people who specialize in vintage airstream remodels. and also, don’t catch me lying, mavis’ owners are there renovating their second airstream (mavis 2.0) and i’m a total fangirl freaking out at the opportunity to meet sheena, jason, and their adorable poodle (who has a mohawk and his own instagram account, lol) and see what they’ve done with mavis 2.0 (who is the exact same model as our luna!).

below are some pictures of our journey with luna!! thanks for following along 🙂

the day we bought her. baby sage still in my belly!!

renovating an airstream with toddlers

i even started her an instagram! i had big ideas, let me tell you. we were going to be instafamous with this airstream. ha! maybe in another life. but there’s a few posts on there if you want to check it out: @luna_the_airstream


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