Sage Nine Months

March 20, 2019

Sage Wylder’s Ninth Month!

Sage turned 9 months a couple of weeks ago, i took the pictures on the 5th but am just now getting around to editing and posting about it! i started out really good about taking and posting pictures on the 5th on my instagram, but that slowly faded. now i’m lucky if i take them on the right day, most of the time it’s a week (or more) later. second kid problems i guess, poor guy! i have however been keeping up with the monthly milestones in a journal of mine and we do have pictures, so i think i’m doing ok! i noticed i definitely don’t pay as much attention to the little milestones. i can remember getting so excited anytime miles would reach the next “MILEStone” 😉 like reaching out for me/people, babbling, grabbing things, etc. obviously the big ones we notice, like crawling, pulling up, rolling over, etc.

since this is my first blog post about him, i’ll give you an overview. i’m not saying this because i’m his mom and i’m bias, but sage is seriously the best baby. he’s an easy going fella, smiles A LOT, and is just generally easy. i am so thankful we had him last. miles, bless his heart, was a difficult baby. i think dan and i were preparing ourselves for the worst when we decided to have another babe, and have be so surprised at how easy it continues to be. he’s a big baby, just shy of 11lb out the gate (no, it wasn’t a c-section. yes, i had a home birth– and actually did better physically with him than i did miles, believe it or not)! him and miles can wear the same clothes, they’re just a little long on baby brother, which cracks me up. miles is the best big brother, i’m still amazed at how caring, kind, and considerate he is for a (almost) 4-year-old! i love watching them interact. miles will offer him food, or try to stop him from getting into smaller toys, ask us if it’s ok he chew on things, gives him hugs before bed even if he’s asleep, the list goes on. i love being witness to the bond their making and i hope i can continue to encourage and assist in that. my absolute favorite thing is to watch sage, watch his older brother. in his eyes, miles is THE cat’s meow. i am so grateful to be their mom.

here are a few things i’ve noticed this month:

  • he’s pulling up on EVERYTHING!
  • crawling on hands and knees (on the carpet)! we’ve been army crawling since about january… and still do on hard surfaces. it’s getting borderline creepy because he’s so fast. like out of a scary movie or something! haha!
  • he loves food and is getting better at actually getting items into his mouth and not just making a gigantic mess on the floor.
  • standing with assistance.
  • we finally have some teeth!!! we have THREE! i say that excitedly… but it’s made nursing hard. i don’t remember miles biting as much as he does -__-
  • he copies everything miles does. including screaming in the car. sometimes funny and sometimes i roll the windows down and scream with them and probably look like a legit crazy person. the latest monkey see monkey do is clicking their tongues, that one is actually cute!
  • he’s starting to smile really big, scrunch his noes, and make noises… very funny looking and makes us all laugh!
  • he LOVES playing in the water. bath time is the best time!
  • i swear he’s saying “mama” and “papa” and maybe even “mymy” (it just sounds a lot like mama). maybe he’s just copying, but it really seems like he knows!! which is exciting!
  • we get super excited when grandma comes in the room and when mama/papa comes home form being at work.
  • he was born with a lot of (RED) hair, and it’s at the point where i should probably cut it… but i’m just going to put it in a baby bun instead and see how that goes <3