Wedding Anniversary

April 8, 2019

A Dingaub Country Wedding

Excuse me while I reminisce on this day, two years ago… Daniel and I were running around trying to help finalize all the little details of our wedding day. We got married at our home in brookshire, the sun was shining, there was a cool breeze in the air, and the trees had grown back the perfect amount of leaves since winter (this was a serious concern of mine, can you tell I have perfectionist tendencies). Our house was busting at the seems with family and friends days prior and my heart was so so full. We hired our favorite photographer, Kelly Garvey, and I got the pinterest bouquet I’d drooled over for months…. years. We all got dressed and dolled up, ready for the ceremony. I had strategically kept my (part-feral) cat upstairs so she would be in a good mood, opened a can of cat food, and was able to get the pictures I’d wanted of me and her on my wedding day (y’all, I am not joking, hahaha, these are still some of my favorite pictures from the entire day… you’re gonna think I’m crazy, but I love that stupid cat so much, she turned me into a cat person).

I excitedly hid in the tiny house right next to the island, where everyone waited. I watched from the window as our friends and family walked across the bridge, with a big-ass smile on my face, I felt so silly, laughing excitedly in the house by myself, hahaha. It was my turn, to meet my mom and (step) dad to and walk hand-in-hand with each of them down the aisle. It was super important to me to be intentional about who I chose to walk down the aisle with me. I know it’s typical for the dad to walk his daughter down the aisle, but I always felt sad for the moms, who let’s be honest… usually did the most of the brunt work when it came to caring for and raising us kids; at least that’s how it was for me and my family. My mom and I are super closer and it just didn’t feel right to leave her out of that (she even got a non-traditional, mother-daughter dance). I walked down the aisle and Miles ran up to us, I scooped him up, and he immediately wanted down, so he ran in front of us towards his papa. Everyone disappeared as I watched that little blonde head bumble across the island. Daniel stood under the alter we’d build a few weeks prior, with my beloved macrame wall art blowing in the wind. I saw tears in his eyes and felt some welling in mine. We each hugged my parents and joined hands.

My childhood counselor/friend/mother-figure/advisor officiated and the words she helped put together for our vows caught me off guard and had me in tears, unable to complete my portion of the vows. I read them for weeks (months) afterwards. We each put a cup full of dirt onto our “love tree” to watch our love grow for years to come…. y’all, it literally drowned the next year in that crazy “tax day flood” we had!! We have chosen not to take it as a bad omen. We took pictures afterwards and had so much fun celebrating with friends and family, and the night, in my opinion, was NOT long enough. We did a sparkler exit (and still have some leftover from that, Dan goes big or goes home) and drove away in one of my dad’s vintage cars. Daniel was sweating and worried it wouldn’t make it down the driveway, to where our Subaru awaited, hahaha. The whole way down I was saying, “Do we really have to leave? Do we really have to leave?” Dan and I differ in how social we like to be, which is where compromises have come in, and a true but also sometimes sarcastic “we’re different, isn’t that so great?”

I love the life we’ve created, our children, the tangible love that’s felt between the walls of our home, the challenges, our family histories, and our differences, as difficult as it is sometimes. I love how we come together after disagreements and figure out elegant solutions to the problems we may have. I think it’s challenging to have not had much time to ourselves as a couple before kids made their way into the equation. There are so many things to have learned about each other before the daily challenges presented by little ones, that put a strain on any relationship, especially a newer one. But I’ve loved watching him be such an amazing father to our boys and the very definition of a partner through it all. I have a tendency to withdraw when things get tough, but he’s always undoubtedly there. There’s a sense of security I can always find in him, and to me that’s magical.

And as they say, I can’t imagine doing life without you. I love you papa doodle.

Photos: Kelly Garvey Photography