What to Wear for Mommy & Me Photography

April 26, 2019

What to Wear: Mama & Me Sessions

As we approach Mother’s Day (and the mommy & me mini sessions) I was thinking about what it is I loved so much about a few of last year’s mommy & me mini session, I couldn’t quite pin-point it until last night! It’s the maxi dress! I have always had an obsession with maxi dresses, maybe it’s because I’m super tall (5’10”!!) and have RARELY found a dress/skirt that fits long enough where I’m not looking for the flood, #tallpeopleproblems for real. But when it comes to mama & me sessions, I just LOVE the way a long, flowy, light colored dress looks… and I think it’s because there’s something Goddess-like about it, so that makes it the PERFECT option for a mommy & me session, if you ask me 🙂

Here’s a quick summary with more details below:

  • Maxi dress/skirts make you look like the mama Goddess you are!
  • Use caution when selecting short skirts/dresses and low cut tops. These can be mental distractions for you!
  • Lighter color schemes are calming and can be less distracting.
  • Too many prints (florals/plaid/animal prints) can become distracting as well, I suggest sticking to 1 print and pulling colors from there!
  • Above all else, wear what makes you and your little one feel comfortable and confident!

Maybe you’re like me and not a dress person, I get that. I feel so out of my element in any kind of dress, but especially a maxi dress… I feel like such a poser, I never dress up, I’m a yoga pants and husband’s tshirt kind of girl. BUT, I’d still encourage you to dress up, how often do you get professional pictures after all? I bit the bullet and put on the dang maxi skirt for a couple of shots with my boys…. and I love them! I was going through the pictures I had my husband take and I was thinking the whole time, “Wow! Check out that Mama Goddess!”

That’s not to say it’s the ONLY option, but I do think it’s my favorite so far! Rompers are always fun, shorts/pants with a nice top. I think choosing lighter colored clothing is flattering for the overall feel of a mommy & me session.  My goal is to capture the joy and innocence of your little one and the love that’s felt so purely between you. The color white (and lighter colors) hold a purity and calmness and is also simple. White/lights don’t distract or take away from the emotions I try to capture in your images. Similar to the idea that making pictures that are highly emotive into black and white photographs are more powerful than keeping them in color– you get to focus on the feelings! This was another thing I appreciated about the all white studio I rented for last year’s minis. That’s not to say I think bold/dark/bright colors are bad at all, I love a pop of color, but I do think it creates a different feel to the picture!

All that said, it’s your session and you get to decide how you want it to look. Maybe darker/brighter colors will look better hung in your living room, or maybe you and your little one LOVE color and that’s how you express yourselves. Above all else, I want you to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear this Mother’s Day!

What’s an outfit you absolutely LOVE to wear, especially for photographs? I’d love to know! Drop a comment below!! Extra points if you provide a link for future mamas trying to find the PERFECT fit 😉